HERO BX Alabama

HERO BX Alabama, LLC

12982 Cherokee Bend Dr.
Moundville, AL 35474


  • Nameplate annual production capacity 15M gallons
  • Storage Storage capacity: 325K gallons feedstock and 875K gallons biodiesel
  • Site Acres: 55


  • Plant is located on the Norfolk Southern Rail
  • 5 total truck bays for incoming and outgoing commodities

Our Team


Shawn Triscuit - Director Sales

  • Responsible for generating biodiesel sales, maintaining existing customer relationships and developing a new customer base, while monitoring changing supply and demand trends, economic indicators, and market competition.
  • Analyze market trends to develop a strategy for forecasting and projecting expected sales volumes.
  • With over 8 years in the biodiesel business, Shawn began his career with HERO BX as a Lead Operations Technician, working through the initial startup of the biodiesel plant and then managing the daily operations of the plant. After becoming familiar with the technical operations of the biodiesel process, he was promoted to a Sales position, eventually becoming the Sales Manager for HERO BX.
  • Shawn holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Operations Management from The Pennsylvania State University.
  • Shawn was born and raised in Northwest Pennsylvania on a 200 head dairy farm. After college he returned home to manage the 4th generation family farm for 10 years.
  • Prior to HERO BX, Shawn was employed with Bush Industries in Erie, PA, where he held several supervisory positions including Applications Technician, where he was responsible for the programming of a robotic-spray finish line and the management of the applied coatings


Kavin Lowery - Plant Manager

  • Kavin Lowery has been involved in plant management and production of biodiesel and glycerin since 2005, helping design and construct the original Alabama biodiesel plant prior to HERO BX acquiring the facility in 2015.
  • Mr. Lowery is responsible for overseeing plant personnel and maintaining day to day operation of biodiesel production and glycerin.


Tyler Outlaw - Operations Engineer

  • Tyler Outlaw started his career with HERO BX Alabama, LLC in 2013. He is responsible for the design, construction, and implementation of capital projects at the HERO BX, LLC Alabama facility.
  • Tyler also manages contract work, oversees training and the startup of new processes, and manages maintenance personnel and activities at the facility.
  • Mr. Outlaw received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama in 2013.